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⚠ Town Hall Open for In-Person Absentee Voting Beginning March 23 8am-4:30pm. Town Hall is Closed to the Public for all other Regular Business to Protect the Public Health :

Weather in your area

Thu, 2 Apr 31°F 50°F Clear throughout the day.
Fri, 3 Apr 34°F 54°F Light rain overnight.
Sat, 4 Apr 34°F 53°F Light rain in the morning.
Sun, 5 Apr 31°F 52°F Partly cloudy throughout the day.
Mon, 6 Apr 36°F 51°F Overcast throughout the day.
Tue, 7 Apr 42°F 62°F Possible drizzle in the afternoon.
Wed, 8 Apr 42°F 58°F Clear throughout the day.
Thu, 9 Apr 35°F 51°F Clear throughout the day.