Weather Cancellations

How is everyone notified of weather cancellations?

First off, if you do not hear from us, THE PRACTICE/GAME is on as scheduled!

All participants are notified of weather cancellations via email (emails are collected from all participants at the time of registration). We find this is the quickest way to notify EVERYONE. When it becomes clear weather will prevent play, town staff sends out an email to all parents and coaches simultaneously. This avoids the need for coaches or parents to call each other or wonder whether or not the game/practice will take place. The following will generally hold true when the fields are deemed unplayable or the probability of poor weather is high:

  • If weekday practices/games are cancelled you will receive an email from us by 3pm.
  • If weekend practices/games are cancelled you will receive an email from us by 9am.

If practices/games are cancelled, and field availability allows, we will provide opportunities for teams to reschedule. Staff will reschedule games and notify parents via email of the new date/time for the make-up game. A general rule of thumb is to plan on making up the cancelled game the Friday of that same week at the same field location and game time. Again, staff will confirm this via email in the days following weather cancellations.



  • Suspend all games and practices immediately.
  • Stay away from metal including fencing and bleachers.
  • Do not hold metal bats.
  • Get players to walk, not run to their parent's or designated driver's cars and wait for your decision on whether or not to continue the game or practice.
Weather radar