Road Improvements


2020 Road Construction Projects

Below is a list of 2020 road projects to be completed within the Town of Cedarburg. They are broken up by the jurisdiction that managed the particular project.

Project Contact Town of Cedarburg Managed Projects 
Jeff Boerner
Director of Public Works
Phone: (262) 377-4509
Email: Jeff
Project Summary: The Town has budgeted for two major road projects in 2020. The budget also includes funding for crack filling, shouldering, culvert replacement, and road patching.

  • Sherman Road: approximately one mile of pulverize/repaving of Sherman Road between Horns Corners Road and Granville Road.
  • Beechwood Drive: the entirety of Beechwood Drive (south) will receive a mill and overlay (0.25 miles).

Current Project Status: Work on culvert and ditching will begin August 18th. Paving is scheduled to begin in mid-to-late September (weather dependent).

Project Contact Ozaukee County Managed Projects 
Jon Edgren
Oz. Co. Highway Dept.
Phone: (262) 284-8331
Email Jon
Project Summary: -

  • None in 2020.

Current Project Status: -

 Project Contact State of Wisconsin Managed Project: STH 60

Click here to view the dedicated webpage for this project.

Kurt Flierl



Email Kurt

Project Summary: Beginning in April of 2020, STH 60 will undergo resurfacing from Eagle Drive in Jackson to just west of the 5 Corners intersection in the Town of Cedarburg.

Current Project Status: The project is set to begin April 20th and conclude by September 17th.