Road Improvements

Road Construction Projects

Following a deliberate process that began in the fall of 2020, the Town identified a need to address deteriorating roads. Over the course of the next 1+ year, a very thorough analysis led the Board to take action and commit to $5 million of road/bridge projects over the next three years. This significant investment will raise the overall level of road conditions throughout the Town. The tax impact of the work is estimated at $0.31/$1,000 of assessed value, which will be seen on tax bills beginning in December of 2022. This will amount to an estimated ~$125 per home (with the average assessed value of $350,000).

County and State projects are also shown, but are not managed by the Town.


Project Contact 2022 Town of Cedarburg Managed Projects 
Adam Monticelli
Director of Public Works
Phone: (262) 377-4509
Email: Adam
Project Summary: The Town will be completing 5.2 miles of road improvement projects in 2022, as well as a separate 0.65 mile maintenance project that will rehabilitate an entire subdivision through a pavement sealing treatment. The budget also included funding for crack filling, shouldering, culvert replacement, and road patching.

Approved projects include:

  • Horns Corners Rd (Cedar Sauk to Hilly Lane .6 mi)
  • Hilly Lane (.25 mi)
  • Lofty Lane (.5 mi)
  • Lawndale Drive (west .25 mi)
  • Beechmoor Court (.08 mi)
  • Robin Court (.2 mi)
  • Sherman Road (.45 mi)
  • Bridge Street (westernmost .7 mi)
  • Emerald Court (.22 mi)
  • Shamrock Lane (.11 mi)
  • Sherman Road (1 mi) from Horns Corners Road to STH 181
  • Malone Court (.23 mi)
  • White Oaks Court (.22 mi)
  • Quail Court (.07 mi)
  • Cedar Creek Rd (.32 mi) (Malibu to Sherwood)
  • Bridge approaches (60’ each side) on Cedar Creek Road at Robin Ct.
  • Maintenance Chip Sealing Project: the following roads will receive maintenance to treat cracks, fill ruts, and re-seal the surface with a granite chip seal:
    • Coral Lane (CTH NN to Flagstone): 0.04 miles
    • Flagstone Drive (Coral Ln to Belmont Dr.): 0.46 miles
    • Belmont Drive (Flagstone Dr. to Robinwood Ct): 0.15 miles

Current Project Status:

Road Improvement Projects: Began August 8th, 2022

Road Maintenance Project: Expected completion week of Oct. 3



Project Contact 2022 Sherman Road Project (STH 181 to Horns Corners Road)
Adam Monticelli
Director of Public Works
Phone: (262) 377-4509
Email: Adam
Project Summary: The Town was awarded a grant for a 50/50 cost sharing with WisDOT for the reconstruction of Sherman Road from STH 181 to Horns Corners Road. This project will be a shared project with the City of Cedarburg with part of the road being in the City.

The roadway would receive a pulverize and repave with 4 inches of new asphalt being laid and new shoulder material being placed.

Current Project Status:

Sherman Road: Completion mid-October



Project Contact 2023 Town of Cedarburg Managed Projects 
Adam Monticelli
Director of Public Works
Phone: (262) 377-4509
Email: Adam
Cedar Sauk Road (2023): 80% Grant Project

Project Summary: The Town was awarded a State-LEP STP-Local Grant to complete 2.27 miles of road work on Cedar Sauk Road from CTH Y to Northwood Drive. 80% of the project will be covered by the grant.

The project goals include correcting the roadway cross slopes to drain water off the roadway, addressing safety concerns while minimizing environmental impacts to the extent possible and practicable. Key objectives of the proposed improvements include the following:

• Replace the pavement
• Correct the roadway cross-slopes (remove tire rutting)
• Repair failed roadway base (where necessary)

Current Project Status:

Summer 2022: Engineering

Spring-Summer 2023: Construction Begins



Project Contact
Jon Edgren
Oz. Co. Highway Dept.
Phone: (262) 284-8331
Email Jon

2023 Decker's Corners Intersection Project 

Public Involvement Meeting held September 21, 2021 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Town Hall.

Project Summary: Ozaukee County/WisDOT will be completing a project at Decker's Corners in 2023. Improvements will consist of spot safety improvements including a new traffic signal with intersection lighting, widening of the intersection to accommodate offset left-turn lanes, vacation of the Pleasant Valley Road segment between CTH NN and CTH Y, pavement marking and roadway signing upgrades.

Current Project Status: construction 2023.


  I-43 North-South Reconstruction

State of Wisconsin Managed Project

Scheduled for 2021-2025.

WisDOT Project website: Click here to view the webpage.

Project Contact

Steve Hoff

(262) 548-6718



Project Summary: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will be expanding I-43 (North-South Freeway) from Silver Spring Dr. to WIS 60 from 2021 through 2025. The expansion will consist of expanding I-43 from four to six lanes, the reconstruction of five existing interchanges along the corridor, and the replacement of the Union Pacific railroad bridge over 1-43 in Glendale. Also a section of Port Washington Road in Glendale will be expanded from two lanes to four lanes.

Site improvements will include replacing deteriorating pavement and bridges, reducing congestion, improving safety and efficiency, improving or replacing existing interchanges, and minimizing impacts to natural and built environments.

Project Construction Packages:

  • I-43 and Highland Road Diamond Interchange (2022-2023)
  • I-43 and Port Washington Road Interchange (2022 to mid-2023)
  • I-43 and WIS 100 Diverging Diamond Interchange (2023-2024)
  • I-43 and Mequon Road Diamond Interchange (late 2023-2024)

Current Project Status: 2022 construction will focus on expansion and improvements to North End Segment and County Line/Port Washington Road Interchange Segment.