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The Town no longer provides secure paper shredding events for sensitive paper documents. This service was eliminated due service cost increases from the private company performing the secure shredding.

Town Refuse Collection

96 Gallon Refuse Carts

Additional 96 gallon refuse carts are available for sale. 96 gallon cart prices are $100 per cart. Town residences can have up to three total refuse carts.


Waste Management Curbside Recycling

The Town contracts with Waste Management for curbside recycling, with collection occurring the same day as Town refuse collection, but being picked up every other week. Residential properties are supplied one cart from Waste Management. Beginning January 1, 2022, residents can request one additional 96-gallon cart from Waste Management by contacting them directly. Waste Management will then deliver the additional cart and directly bill the resident $36 annually for that additional cart. The maximum is two carts per home.

If you have any service related issues please contact Waste Management at (888) 960-0008 or (262) 251-4000. Both numbers route to the Waste Management Call Center located in Germantown, Wisconsin. Alternatively, you can email Waste Management at To report a missed pick up, please use any of the above methods to contact them directly or fill out WM's "Missed Pickup Form" by clicking here.

Refuse Collection Policy

The Town offers  96 gallon refuse carts for sale. Click here for a printable refuse cart order form. All refuse must now be placed inside of the carts, overflow bags will not be collected. These carts are emptied mechanically, reducing the amount and severity of possible injuries to the collection crew. Only Town approved carts will be emptied (unless the Director of Public Works grants an exception for permanent physical limitation or disability).

Click here for a printable, one-page GUIDE TO GARBAGE & RECYCLING IN THE TOWN. The printout is a comprehensive list of what items will be picked up as garbage, what items will be picked up as recycling, what should be taken to the Town Public Works Yard, and what should be taken to the Veolia facility in Port Washington as hazardous waste. Please note that NO electronics will be taken at the curb. They must be taken to the Town Public Works Yard during scheduled Saturday operating hours (see below for more on electronics recycling).

Refuse is collected on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, recycling is collected every other Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Click here for a route map. Refuse should not be put out earlier than 7:00pm the day before collection, and should be out by 6:30am the day of collection. Refuse should be placed at the end of the driveway within 10 feet of the edge of the road. In winter, it is best placed back from the edge of the road so that the containers don't interfere with the plowing operations. In the case of a holiday or extreme inclement weather, collection will be made one day later than normally scheduled. If questions arise regarding collection schedules, please call Town Hall at 262/377-4509 or email Deputy Town Clerk Bonnie Erickson.

The Town Board approved an updated refuse collection policy at their December 1, 2010 meeting. To view the updated policy, click here. The policy includes answers to frequently asked questions and pictures of how to correctly place your garbage cart out for collection.

Seasonally, the crew will also pick up certain bulk items as availability allows, such as carpeting and most furniture as a special pick-up (see here the new policy, requiring a charge for bulk items and other special pick ups). Check the Resident Request Center for seasonal availability.

There are a number of reasons that your refuse may not be picked up. If you have the wrong type or size container, or it is too heavy, if there are not proper handles or lid on the container, the crew may not pick it up. Recyclables must be separated from refuse or the refuse may not be picked up. If the refuse is placed out after 6:30am, it may not be picked up. If the container is placed too far from the road, more than 10 feet, it may be left un-emptied. No overflow bags will be picked up.

Recycling & Appliances

Curbside recycling is provided in the Town of Cedarburg by Waste Management. If you would like an additional cart (total of 2 per household) you can request one delivered to your home free of charge, or if you have any service related issues please contact Waste Management at (888) 960-0008 or (262) 251-4000. Both numbers route to the Waste Management Call Center located in Germantown, Wisconsin. Alternatively, you can email Waste Management at

Wisconsin requires that everyone recycles. The DNR has put together a one page guide to help with frequently asked questions. The Town also requires all owners of residences in the Town to separate recyclables from their other refuse and dispose of the recyclables via the curbside recycling program.

The Town doesn't charge for the drop off of appliances, however, there is a charge for used tires. If you would like your appliances collected at your home contact Refrigerant Recovery at (414) 643-7740. If the appliance is outside, the charge is $25. If the appliances are inside the home, they charge $50 for the first appliance, and $20 for each additional appliance. Click here to view the flyer with full details from Refrigerant Recovery. The Town also provides a service for special bulk item pick up, the costs associated with these items can be found by referring to the Town Fee Schedule.

Currently the Town doesn't provide curbside recycling options for businesses, all Town businesses are strongly encouraged to contact a local recycling company for their recycling needs.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste should not be disposed of in the garbage or dumped down the drain. The Veolia hazardous waste facility in Port Washington at 1275 Mineral Springs Drive accepts hazardous waste on the basis of a per pound fee. For a complete guide to hazardous waste, fees, and a map to the Port Washington facility, click here.


The Town maintains a collection site at the recycling center for all Town residents to dispose of leaves and non-woody vegetation. This site is open year-round. Yard waste can be dropped off during recycling hours. One of the attendants must verify Town residency before allowing the use of the site. At other times, Monday through Friday 8am-4pm, residents must first stop and sign in at Town Hall, and then they may drop off the yard waste.

Brush Collection

Between May 11th and October 15th, 2022, the Town will provide roadside brush collection service for a fee. Residents are charged $135 for the first half hour of collection. If the collecting takes longer than 30 minutes to complete, residents are charged an additional $2.50 per minute. Property owners will be billed only for the time actually spent collecting. To minimize the fee charged, residents should do the following:

  • Place the brush on the roadside of the ditch.
  • Place the brush with the cut ends toward the road.
  • Call Town Hall at (262) 377-4509 within three days of placing the brush for collection.

Leaving the brush out for too long before it is collected may result in grass or other vegetation growing entangled in the brush, making it more difficult to handle, increasing the time required to complete collection.

Brush collection guidance: The maximum amount of brush collected per household is a pile no larger than 100’L x 6’H x 5’W, with a limb diameter no greater than 6”. This amount can be collected all at once or broken down into smaller piles throughout the year (ex. Two 50’ x 6’H x 5’W piles or Ten 10’ x 6’H x 5’W piles). The brush will be collected by either a light duty truck with a chipper or a wheeled excavator with a claw/grapple attachment. As a reminder piles left on the shoulder can be a hazard to driving, if they are left longer than two weeks they will be picked up without notice and the resident will be invoiced accordingly. To request a pickup please contact Town Hall or through the Resident Request Center Click Here. Any questions please contact Adam Monticelli, Director of Public Works at (262) 377-4509.

Wood chips are available to Town residents at no cost. The excess wood chips are stored at the Town yard and may be picked up during Saturday yard hours or during Town Hall business hours 8am-4:15pm. Proof of Town residency is required. There may not always be a supply of wood chips available. We recommend that residents call Town Hall at (262) 377-4509 to check on availability. The Town no longer delivers wood chips to residences, however, Gollnick Tree Service will deliver wood chips to area residences at no charge based on availability. Contact them at (262) 375-2237 to get on their list.

Electronics Recycling

Town residents can dispose of nearly all unwanted electronics at the Town Recycling Yard during Saturday Recycling Yard Hours. There is a cost to residents for to recycle electronics at $1 per pound.  Televisions and computer monitors are also able to be recycled at the Town Yard for $1 per pound. TVs with a tube must be no larger than 32" and flat panel TVs may be no larger than 60". To recycle your electronics at the Town Recycling Yard, residents should bring the items to the recycling yard Saturdays 8:00am - 2:00pm March-October or the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month 9:00am to Noon December-February. The Town of Cedarburg will not be held liable for computer equipment or hard drives that are left at Town Hall. To have your computer equipment destroyed to protect sensitive information please contact Dan Grabowski at Piranha Recycling (414) 349-2331.