Encourage a Healthy Home & Environment

Your Home, Environmental Issues & Sustainability

Communities all across the country are looking at ways to become more sustainable, decrease their carbon footprint and waste generated, and increase energy efficiency. All levels of government are beginning to recognize the benefits of "greening" operations, including financially. Below is a series of resources for families.

Topic Publication Description Document
Testing Your Well Contaminants can pollute private wells, and unfortunately you cannot see, smell or taste most of them. This brochure provides information about common well contaminants, well sampling, and how to find a certified laboratory and how to get more information. Brochure
WDNR Testing Info
Groundwater Arsenic Information Arsenic is a mineral naturally found in soil and bedrock that can be released to groundwater. Long-term exposure to arsenic in drinking water can increase risks of cancer and other health effects. Private wells should be tested at least once every five years for arsenic. County Health Dept. Website - testing info
Radon Information Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that moves into homes from the soil beneath and around a home through cracks and other holes in the foundation. New and old homes alike can have radon problems, with or without basements. Test kits are available from local hardware stores and from the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department. The test kits are available at NO CHARGE when picked up at their office at 333 E Washington St., Suite 1100, West Bend between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. County Health Dept. Website - test kits
Focus on Energy Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin residents lower their energy consumption and costs by making their homes more energy efficient. Website
Rain Garden Introduction Explains how rain gardens help protect water quality, and provides general step-by-step instructions on how to build a rain garden in your yard. Document
Rain Garden Construction A detailed manual that covers rain garden sizing and site, construction details and planting and maintenance. Includes 11 conceptual planting designs with plant species lists. Document
Rain Barrels A "how to" guide to build and install your own rain barrel. Document
Lawn Watering Offers ways to save water while producing healthy, attractive lawns. Document
Lawn Weed Control Explains lawn care practices and targeted weed control methods that reduce use of herbicides. Document
Lawn and Garden Fertilizers Describes how improper fertilizer applications can degrade water quality and offers suggestions for proper fertilizer use. Document
Lawn and Garden Pesticides Describes non-chemical pest control methods and offers tips for environmentally sound pesticide applications. Document
Garlic Mustard Removal & Disposal Outlines procedures for the removal and disposal of Garlic Mustard in the Town. Document
Managed Forest Law A landowner incentive program that encourages sustainable forestry on private woodland. In exchange for enrolling in the program and following a sound forest management plan, the landowner pays reduced property taxes. Web Link
Master Gardeners UW-Extension This website serves the needs of gardeners in Ozaukee County by providing university research-based horticultural information and educational opportunities, designed to supplement programs of the University of Wisconsin. Web Link