Upcoming 2022 Elections

  • February 15, 2022: Spring Primary
  • April 5, 2022: Spring Election
  • August 9, 2022: Partisan Primary
  • November 8, 2022: General Election


Election Results

Click here to view the election results on the County Clerk's page.


Wisconsin Elections Commission Statistics

Click here to view election statistics such as election turnout and absentee voting.

Provisional Ballot Totals

Below are provisional totals from the 2022 Spring Election:

Wards 1-2: 0 ballots; Wards 3-4: 0 ballots; Wards 5,6,10: 0 ballots; Wards 7-9: 0 ballots

Click here to view the provisional ballot totals from Ozaukee County municipalities.


If there are any questions regarding what ward you are in, review the Ward Map.


Town seats up for election in the spring of 2022 are Supervisor Seats 2 and 4. The Town Board consists of five members: one Chairman and four Supervisors. All elected officials have two-year terms and represent the entire Town. If you are interest in running for one of these positions, you must file a Declaration of Candidacy, Campaign Registration Statement, and nomination papers with the Town Clerk by 5pm Tuesday, January 4, 2022. For more information, you can go to the Wisconsin Elections Commission website. A hard copy of this material is also available at Town Hall during normal business hours or by clicking here.

Nomination signatures can begin to be collected December 1st.


Incumbent William Wattson (Town Supervisor Seat 2) submitted Notification of Non-Candidacy Papers to the Town Clerk's Office on December 13, 2021. Mr. Wattson will not be a candidate for Town Board Supervisor Seat 2 at the April 5, 2022 Spring Election or the February 15, 2022 Spring Primary.



In-person absentee voting takes place starting two weeks before Election Day and runs until the Friday before Election Day. In-person absentee voting takes place in the Clerk's Office at Town Hall and runs 8 am to 4:30 pm, with hours extended until 5pm on the Friday preceding the election.

Ballots cannot be hand carried out of the Town Clerk's Office.

Any qualified voter who is unable or unwilling to appear at the polling place on Election Day may request an absentee ballot. The voter must be registered to vote at their current address in the Town in order to receive a ballot. Voters who are not indefinitely confined, military, or permanently overseas must provide a copy of their photo ID before a ballot can be mailed.

Note: Photo ID's will be kept on file for future absentee requests.

MyVote Wisconsin Website

Voters may request a ballot  be mailed to them online on MyVote Wisconsin. Applications along with an acceptable photo ID may also be submitted to the Clerk's office by mail up until 5:00 p.m. on the Thursday before Election Day (military and indefinitely confined voters may request a ballot up until 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before Election Day). The Clerk's Office must receive ballots by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day in order to be counted.


Wisconsin voters are required to show acceptable photo identification before casting a ballot. A full list of acceptable photo IDs and voters who are exempt can be found here.

Click here to visit a state website (Bring it to the Ballot) that answers all questions related to photo ID; acceptable types, and how to get a free state ID card, even if you don't have a birth certificate.


State law requires a voter to maintain a current voter registration with the Town Clerk prior to casting a ballot in an election. Confirm your voter registration status, view your elected officials, and view a list of offices and candidates on the ballot at MyVote Wisconsin.

Click here to visit MyVote Wisconsin to register online for future elections. 

Click here for the Paper Voter Registration form EL-131.

In order to be eligible to vote, one must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Be age 18 or older on or before Election Day
  • Have resided in the Town for 28 consecutive days


If you have a Wisconsin driver's license or Wisconsin state identification card, you may register to vote online and don't need to mail any additional documentation.  Online voter registration closes at midnight 20 days prior to each election.

2-Step Process for Registering online through MyVote WI:

  1. Your information must first be current with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If you need to update your address with the DMV, complete their free online change of address form. Name changes cannot be completed online; you must go to a DMV office in order to complete a name change.
  2. Once your name & address are current with the DMV, go to MyVote Wisconsin in order to update your voter registration.


By Mail, at Town Hall, or on Election Day

  • Mailed registration applications must be postmarked no later than 20 days (3rd Wednesday) before Election Day. If closer than 20 days before the election, you must register in-person at Town Hall.
  • Register in the Clerk's Office up until 5pm on the Friday before Election Day.
  • Register on Election Day at your polling place.

Proof of Residence Required

All voter registrations must include a document establishing their proof of residence. The requirement applies to all electors who are not military or permanent overseas electors. If proof of residence is not submitted, the application cannot be processed.

The following are examples of proof of residence (and may be provided in electronic format):

  • A WI Driver License/ID Card, if not expired or canceled; may be used even if driving privileges have been revoked
  • Any other official identification card or license issued by a Wisconsin governmental body or unit
  • An employee ID card with a photograph, but not a business card
  • A real property tax bill or receipt for the current year or the year preceding the date of the election
  • A residential lease (does not count as proof of residence if elector submits form by mail)
  • A picture ID from a university, college or technical college coupled with a fee receipt or an on-campus housing listing provided by the university, college or technical college
  • A utility bill for the period commencing not earlier than 90 days before the day registration is made
  • (Homeless voters only) A letter from an organization that provides services to the homeless that identifies the voter and describes the location designated as the person’s residence for voting purposes
  • A contract/intake document prepared by a residential care facility indicating that the occupant resides in the facility
  • A bank/credit card statement
  • A paycheck or pay stub
  • A check or other document issued by a unit of government

POLLING LOCATIONS (Polls are open from 7am to 8pm statewide)

Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 vote at Town Hall, 1293 Washington Avenue
Wards 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 vote at Circle B, 6261 State Highway 60

If there are any questions regarding what ward you are in, review the Ward Map.


Complete Federal Post Card application (FPCA) (click here) to request an absentee ballot and to register or you may send a letter requesting an absentee ballot including an original signature of voter, city address, and mailing address. If you are not registered, you must also submit a Voter Registration Application form EL-131. Overseas electors receive ballots for federal offices only. An absentee ballot request from an overseas elector is effective for two successive general elections.


Complete Federal Post Card application (FPCA) (click here) to request an absentee ballot. Military electors are not required to register. Submit FPCA or completed Absentee Ballot Application form EL-121 Application for Absentee Ballot, or mail, fax or e-mail a letter requesting an absentee ballot including an original signature of voter, city address, and mailing address. Military electors may receive a ballot for all offices on a ballot.


For election questions, please call Town Hall at (262) 377-4509 or email Asst. Administrator/Clerk Jack Johnston at jjohnston@town.cedarburg.wi.us.