Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted on April 2nd, 2008 through Ordinance 2008-07. The Comprehensive Plan will act as the main planning document for the Town to 2035. The plan is available in hard copy at the Cedarburg Public Library and Town Hall. The entire plan is also available in electronic format below. The City of Cedarburg adopted their Comprehensive Plan: 2025 on February 25th, 2008. To view the City plan, click here.

Adopted Plan Amendments

In 2009, the Town Board adopted Ordinance 2009-15 amending the Comprehensive Plan. The amendment addresses language regarding open space in new residential developments and associated text.

Originally, the Comprehensive Plan required all new residential subdivisions to provide 50% open space. The amendment removes this requirement, but still encourages open space in new residential subdivisions. The amendment also updated the Plan to reflect the updated title of the Town Comprehensive Park Plan. The Board again updated the Plan on May 2, 2012 through Ordinance 2012-7. This update made certain Town lands eligible for inclusion in the updated Ozaukee County Farmland Preservation Plan, and made other edits making the Town Comprehensive Plan consistent with Town Ordinances Approved since April 2, 2008.

Town Comprehensive Plan 2035 - Amended May 2, 2012