CedarburgTV is the official government access channel of the Town of Cedarburg. The mission of CedarburgTV is to provide residents, local businesses, and the general public with useful information about the Town of Cedarburg, including issues and events that strengthen the Town's identity as an excellent place to live and do business, and about other issues that impact the lives of Town residents and businesses.

CedarburgTV is broadcast on Time Warner Cable (channel 25) in the Town of Cedarburg, AT&T's U-verse (channel 99) throughout southeastern Wisconsin, and worldwide on the Internet at www.cedarburgtv.com.

A wide variety of programming is offered on CedarburgTV. A programming schedule can be found at www.cedarburgtv.com. As a government access channel, CedarburgTV differs from public and educational access channels in that government access channels are granted editorial rights to choose the content, format, and subject of information broadcast on the channel. Use of the channel shall be governed by the Operating Policies and by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and State of Wisconsin as they may apply to the operations of CedarburgTV. Generally speaking, all programming falls within at least one of the following categories: governmental decision making, government information/affairs, cooperative/community programming.

Volunteer & Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering your time or talents to CedarburgTV or would like to sponsor the channel, please contact Jim Culotta, Town Administrator, at (262) 377-4509 or jculotta@town.cedarburg.wi.us.

For a fee of only $100, a local business could sponsor the channel, which includes a slide acknowledging the sponsorship several times each day. Acceptable sponsorships will follow a similar approach as the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in which the name and contact information of the person or institution may be broadcast by means of video, audio and/or text before and after a particular program. (For example: Fireside Chats on the Town of Cedarburg is sponsored by Jim's Tractor Supply, located at...).

We value your input and feedback regarding CedarburgTV. Please feel free to forward your comments to Jim Culotta, Town Administrator at jculotta@town.cedarburg.wi.us.