Catalyst Construction Self-Storage CUP

Catalyst Construction Self-Storage CUP

Application submitted 3-29-17
CUP Post Cards mailed 4-6-17
CUP Public Notice in News Graphic 4-6-17
Plan Commission meeting 4-19-17 & 5-17-17
Town Board 5-17-17

Applicant Contact Info

Matt Burrow

8611 STH 60 (site address)

Phone: (414) 727-6840

Staff Contact Info

Eric Ryer

Assistant Administrator

Phone: (262) 377-4509


Following Board approval of the minor land division and rezone of 8611 STH 60 on March 1st, Catalyst Construction submitted a conditional use permit application to construct approximately 350 self-storage units. The units would be located on Lot #2 of the certified survey map, which is the northeast 10.941 acres. The attached site plan is currently being revised by M Squared Engineering to reorient the east buildings north/south and possibly revise the size/number of buildings and total units.

Plan Commission Meeting: April 19, 2017

The Plan Commission held a public hearing on the CUP application, and unanimously recommended the Town Board approve the CUP contingent upon stormwater approval and reorienting the east buildings to a north/south layout or providing landscaping to buffer.

Special Town Board Meeting: May 17, 2017

The Town Board unanimously approved the CUP application at their special meeting on May 17, 2017.

Project Resources Document/Link
Plan Commission Packet: 4-19-2017 Packet
Special Town Board Packet: 5-17-2017 (the Special Board memo is part of the 5-17-17 Plan Commission packet) Packet