Buy a refuse cart

Refuse Carts

If you are interested in purchasing a Town refuse container, the Town  offer 96 gallon containers (light blue in photo). We have began to phase out both the 35 gallon container as well as the 64 gallon container and now exclusively offer the 96 gallon container. To order, please click here for a printable order form. Please complete the order form and mail a check to the address on the form and a container will be delivered to your residence.

Please Note...

No refuse will be collected in a container unless in a Town-approved refuse container.

A Little More On Refuse Collection...

The Town of Cedarburg collects refuse on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday depending on your address. Click here to view a refuse collection schedule map. For hassle-free collection of your refuse, place your refuse within ten (10) feet from the edge of the roadway (but not on the roadway). Please have your refuse out for collection no later than 7:00 A.M. on your scheduled collection day, but not before 7:00 P.M. on the day preceding collection. In the case of a holiday or extreme inclement weather, collection will be made one day later than normally scheduled. If questions arise regarding collection schedules, please call Town Hall at (262) 377-4509 or email Deputy Town Clerk Bonnie Erickson.

Click here for a printable, one-page GUIDE TO GARBAGE & RECYCLING IN THE TOWN. The printout is a comprehensive list of what items will be picked up as garbage, what should be taken to the Town Recycling Center, and what should be taken to the Veolia facility in Port Washington as hazardous waste. Please note that NO electronics will be taken at the curb. They must be taken to the Town Recycling Yard during Recycling Yard hours on Saturday.

Electronics Recycling

Town residents can dispose of nearly all unwanted electronics at the Town Recycling Yard during regular Recycling Yard Hours. There is no cost to residents for this service, except $1 per pound for computer monitors/TV disposal fee.