Town of Cedarburg

Town Board Declares State of Emergency - Town of Cedarburg

March 18, 2020

Town Board Declares State of Emergency

The Town of Cedarburg, in coordination with the Washington/Ozaukee Public Health Department as well as other state and federal agencies, is closely monitoring the recent increase in respiratory illnesses caused by a new Coronavirus (COVID-19). Based on current conditions, the Town Board is taking the proactive step of declaring a State of Emergency in response to COVID-19.

This action provides the Town with the ability to act in the best interests of the community as the emergency evolves over time. The measure will facilitate and expedite the use of resources to protect persons from the impacts of the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring continuity of critical operations within the Town of Cedarburg. The action also provides for flexibility in the management of Town operations to best serve the community, and enables the Town to become eligible for the recovery of certain costs that may be incurred in response to this emergency.

This action will remain in effect for a period of ninety days or until modified by further declaration to allow the Town to respond longer-term if such measures are needed, based on the evolving nature of COVID-19. The action will be rescinded earlier if it is no longer needed.